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Windy Beach Engagement in Athens

This fall has been extremely busy for me which is awesome, but it also means that my blogging has fallen by the waist side. However, I do want to capture some of the engagement stories I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of the past few months, starting with my Paige and Mitchell.

Traveling for shoots is always pretty nerve-wracking for me because there are so many unknowns. This weekend was especially awful because the weather forecast was windy and rainy, plus I had the annually winter crud so I was not feeling up for the 6am wakeup call or the 2 hour road trip. When we got to the site, though, everything changed. Paige and Brent were so incredibly sweet and absolutely hysterical! They kept my spirits up the entire time, and there wasn’t a moment where we all weren’t cracking up over all the funny prompts I was throwing at them.

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