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Cozy Winter Engagement in Historic Downtown Roswell

Whenever I shoot engagements, it’s always a very special moment for me because I get to witness two people whose genuine love and affection for each other just radiates off my lens. Maggie & Charlie’s engagement, though, kept me smiling long after my camera was tucked away in its case. I’ve known Maggie for almost two years now, and I am so blessed each and every day for having the opportunity to know such an incredible spirit. Which is why I was a little skeptical of this boy she had told me about. I didn’t think anyone would ever measure up to the kind of person Maggie deserves, but Charlie definitely comes pretty close. In the last year, I’ve watched these two people grow both in their love for each other as well as their genuine thoughtfulness and attentiveness. They both set such an incredible example of Christ, and when Charlie told me he was planning on proposing, my heart leaped out of my chest. 

I was overjoyed when these two chose me to take their engagement session, mainly because it was such a true blessing to capture their authenticity and love with my lens. What initially started as a two hour engagement session turned into a half-day shoot beginning in Roswell Square and ending at Piedmont Park. So much excitement, so much joy, so much love.

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