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Wintry Engagement in Downtown Rome & Berry College


What fun it was going back to Rome to hang out with two beautiful individuals and witness their immense love for one another. Kirstan and Tyler were super troopers during this frigid January engagement shoot. We had to take a few breaks and run into our cars to warm up red noses and frozen hands, but I’d say it was completely worth it. We started off our session in Downtown Rome, taking a few scenic shots then heading to the  city clocktower.

As we headed to our cars, I spontaneously asked if we could go down a level and take some quick pictures in the parking garage. A little untraditional, but they agreed to my shenanigans. Then, they started dancing, and it was pure magic.

Next up, we ventured back to Berry to take some photos around the Winshape Center. The sun was setting, and the temperature got much worse, but they powered through with all smiles. 

Luckily, Kirstan had brought a warm, fuzzy blanket to use, so we headed into the woods bundled up to take some truly spectacular sunset photos before heading to the Ford castle to take some final photos.

At the end of the session, we were all very thankful to return to our heated cars. So worth it.

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